Kerbal Space Program: Game Review

Kerbal Space Program (KSP for short) is a unique sand-box game set in outer space! If you’re a math headed nerd and love games which are both challenging and addictive then you’ve come to
the right place, you will love this game. I found KSP as a beta release game for the mere price of £9.99 because i love all space related games and thought ksp would be right up my street as well.
But the feeling of satisfaction never failed to put a smile on my face every time i launched a rocket to the moon and even landed on Duna (the ksp version of mars so no small feat, i should mention here
that not all kerbals made it back home and the death toll of my space enterprise was 123 and counting). So let me take you through the good, the bad and the ugly and everything in between for this game and why you should definitely give it a chance!

The good

For me there is no other high on the planet that gives me the same rush of achievement and pride then completing a space mission on ksp. The science and career mechanics are great as a first play through of the game and make you unlock more advanced space parts by completed more and more complicated challenges (contracts), this means that before you go zooming into space on a 100 ton mega rocket, you got to learn how to fly first (learning… boring), but ksp rewards your progress and before you know it you’ll be heading off to the moon with trust old Jeb and a micro lander just for that sweet science nectar.

If you manage to leave kerbil and reach outer space youll be stunned by the beattuful world you find yourself in, the music soudtrack is very relaxing asnd fits the game like a glove, sunsets and sunrise are a sight to behold with incedible colours and terrain features, and celestrial bodies such as duna and the mighty jool are just waiting for your first prode to discover then, the options within the game really do span the width of a solar system.

The bad

Whilst the games career takes you on a steady stream through space exploration, if you begin this game from scratch the tutorials do not provide enough information unfortunately. Getting to grips with the game actually requires a deep understanding of orbiting and spaceship design which the game just falls short of or fails to mention. Do not fear if you really want to play this game though, online tutorials are everywhere and the ksp wiki is the new bible, i just wish the game could’ve made more of an effort to present the dynamics of flight in the game so i didn’t have to look elsewhere.

Yes this game is extremely difficult and you’ll probably spend the first 10 hours wondering why the hell your rockets doing back flips and how to reach an orbit around kerbin, this can be extremely frustrating in the later game too when the amount of cool space stations you can build is limited by how well you can build a lifting rocket.

The ugly

Beware the kracken… yes the kranken is a monster who swallows little spaceships and spacemen and crushes them into the planets core. I,m talking about a glitch of course, but the massive amount of terrain in this game results in some very bad glitches that swallow you straight through a planets surface, never to return. This is extremely annoying if you spend 10+ hours getting there too, so quick save like a motherfucker when playing this game!


Ksp is one of the best sand-box games to date and its simple design as a rocket simulator is unique and original. I have poured too many hours into this game but i would do it all again to relive my first footsteps on the moon (mun). The scenery is always gorgeous and the music soothing, despite its difficulty i still enjoyed all my time playing this game and i hope i made my army of kerbals proud.

Kerbal Space Program deserves….

10/10! And my awesome game stamp of approval gold edition!



Lift off for the stars!!!

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